Sunday, July 17, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Barbara Gordon

#13 Barbara Gordon

This was another one I had to consider before I put on the list. Barbara and Booster are another pair that don't really have a definable relationship. They mainly know each other through other people. Nevertheless Barbara does play an important role in his second series. Though it would have been better if she knew about it. 

Why she's important to Booster: I think every hero has at least one moment where they failed. While Barbara wasn't someone he could save because of solid time she was there to prove a lesson to him. But that's not why she's up here. Trying to help Barbara revealed Boosters' time traveling mission to Batman and later Dick Grayson. She's the reason the bats are his secret keeper (although I would have liked to see her in the know as well.) Barbara is also said to have been the woman Ted Kord loved, as such Booster seems to think highly of her despite her never returning Teds' feelings. It's interesting to note that when the JLA was sent to different levels of hell Barbara and Booster both went to the gluttony level. Booster because he needs to be needed by others and Barbara needs information.

Suggested Reading: Booster Gold #12 Vol. 2. Perhaps JLA 2011 80-page Giant would be a better pick since the two interact more. But I didn't read the whole thing and I hate to recommend a book that apparently was universally panned. In the BG issue Barbara has a chat with Booster as he tries to reason with someone who hasn't met him yet. Cute stuff with the bonus of her kicking Michelle in the face. Hey I like Michelle but even I can admit that was a cool kick. 


  1. I've always assumed that Bats at least had the decency to tell Barbara what Booster tried to do for her...but then again, it iS Bruce, so maybe not. It would certainly have to make a difference in the way that she thinks about him, at any rate.

    I always did like Ted and Babs together. I like it better than Dick and Babs.

  2. I could see Bruce not telling her. This is the guy that never bothered to tell Jason that his father was dead for months, the only reason Jason found out was because he was studying on the bat computer. Whether Bruce tells her or not he's still betraying someone's trust be it hers or Boosters'.

    Same here. It's another reason I wish Booster and Babs would talk, they both miss Ted. Although I did ponder Babs being Rips' mamma I know DC would never allow it.