Sunday, July 17, 2011

The First time Barbara talked to Booster on panel

Writing about my desire to see more interaction between Barbara Gordon and Booster Gold reminded me of their first on panel (to my knowledge) conversation. This was during Ted Kords' "missing" period which is supposed to take place between OMAC Project #1 and #2. Babs wasn't feeling too good given a virus she had named Brainiac but Booster asked for her help in finding Ted. (This was in Birds of Prey.)

Their next linear meeting (their time) is at Teds' funeral though our time it's when Booster attempts to save her in Booster Gold #5 Vol 2. But her first meeting with him is supposed to be back when she was Batgirl in BG #12 Vol. 2, although she doesn't recall it. Don't you love time travel?


  1. Ahhh...time travel. It has to be a bit hard for Booster when he knows things about his friends and collegues, that he's acquired from time travel...but that he really shouldn't reveal.

  2. I think that's why Rip doesn't give him too many missions in the future. He knows Booster isn't ready to know what happens. He barely managed not to say anything to Ralph about Sue dying and he felt awful about it. (Skeets was annoying about what can't be revealed when it turns out he has the power to erase these memories anyway.)