Sunday, July 10, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Wonder Woman

#20 Wonder Woman

I wasn't sure if the whole trio was going to be up here but for some reason I kept thinking about Woman Woman. Out of the three she's the one with a somewhat undefinable relationship with Booster simply because writers keep changing her interaction with him. Jurgens for example has her constantly ticked off at him for all the times he hit on her (which was always awkward to read.) But then I realized why I had to have the amazon on this. 

Why she's important to Booster: In the DCU she's a symbol thus she's important to everyone. And like Black Canary Booster had something of a crush on her. But that's not why she's on here. She's the spirit of truth, like Ted says in CTIC she sees the best and the worst in you and still loves you. One of the two people to actually listen to Ted Kord she follows up on his disappearance with Booster offering nothing but support. The thing is: She may be the spirit of truth but Booster is a little blind in that area. Yes, he knows that there's a difference between the "A-listers" and heroes like him. Or that Batman was a little too full of himself. Booster doesn't see himself, not the whole picture anyway. He doesn't see what she sees, while he tries to say positive he still has no idea how good a hero and a person he really is. She knows. 

Plus she killed Max (he got better) so there's that connection too.

Suggested Reading: Omac Project #1 Wonder Woman picks Booster up (not like that) to go looking for Ted. Although Booster himself has expressed his impression of WW thinking little of him in other books she seems to be fond of him. Even recalling a product he previously sponsored. While they will part ways later in this mini series this shows that she does care about Blue and Gold, sees them as friends, even if Booster doesn't think she cares that much.


  1. Wait...I thought that it was TED who was always throwing himself at Diana? Still...she was one of the few people who actually listened to Ted and was trying to help, because she is that much more compassionate than either Superman OR Bats.

  2. Ted did throw himself at WW (under Giffin/DeMatteis I believe), she seemed a little embarrassed (as did Booster) and politely declined. Jurgens had Booster hitting on her once or twice. One of them was in an annual where she puts him in his place.

    True, the guys tend to be full of themselves when dealing with Blue and Gold. Well not so much with Batman/Booster but that will come up later.