Tuesday, July 26, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Michelle Carter

#4 Michelle Carter/Goldstar 2  
Booster Golds' twin sister that follows the family tradition of stealing a costume to become a superhero. Kind of, unlike her brother Michelle doesn't really have a desire to be a hero but uses the suit to help her brother.

Why she's important to Booster: Michelle is the one person in Booster life that acts as his connection to his time. She knows him better than anyone else in his life (yes better than Ted.) While Jurgens doesn't explore their dynamics like most would in comics being a twin is usually a big thing. It's usually written as being half of a whole. Ironically (because I don't think many writers were aware of him being a twin) Booster has been in storylines where other twins fall apart without their siblings. 

Michelle is certainly supposed to brighten her brothers' life according to Rip who said she would "make things easier." She doesn't put up with Boosters' crap but she loves him enough to forgive him for his mistakes. Because Michelle knows Michael is a good person and sees that better than either of their parents. According to her creator Michelle acts as a reminder of how Booster should act in ways Skeets or Rip can't be.

Suggested Reading: Booster Gold #15 Vol.2 Michelle bends the rules to get her picture done by a famous artist, the siblings bicker and general family fun is had.


  1. Now, if she can just stop being so shrewish all the time, she'd be JUST like his sister,friend and anchor.

  2. I think that problem is long over now that Giffin and DeMatteis are gone. Jurgens never took it to those levels even when Michelle was mad at Booster for lying to her.