Friday, July 29, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Rip Hunter

#1 Rip Hunter  
The mysterious man who's charged with protecting the timeline and teaching Booster Gold how to be a Time Master. Time travel isn't without it's ironies. 

Why he's important to Booster: Yes, I really do think Rips' the most important character in Boosters' story and here's why. He was the reason for Booster going into the past as he invented the time sphere Booster used to escape with. Now he's guiding Booster towards his destiny and out of all of the characters is putting in the most effort to help him evolve into the hero he is becoming. Rips' a teacher, a friend with good advise and unbeknownst to Booster his son. 

More than anything else in any comic printed about Booster, nor any character Rips' mere existence says a hell of a lot about him. Because just as he's helping Booster reach his potential Booster shapes Rip into the man he becomes. The one needs the other to exist and thrive. While we don't know everything about Rip it's pretty clear he doesn't have the issues a lot of children have with their superhero parents. He has a healthy relationship with his father, is highly capable and very cultured. Proof that Booster will become not just a great Time Master but a good father. 
Suggested Reading: Time Masters Vanishing Point 1-6, Booster Gold #30 and 31 Vol.2  Since this is the last of these I'm adding a few more suggested books. TMVP because of Rips' childhood flashbacks and how he leads the team. #30 for Rips' talk with future Michael and #31 for his bond with Booster while they talk about Michelle and how to save a family dog. 


  1. Rip is probably THE most important character to Booster...even more so than Ted. He's the one responsible for the person and hero that Booster will become...and yet, Booster is the one responsible for Rip as well. It's an interesting conundrum.

  2. I think Rip would already have that status with being Boosters' son, because I get the impression no one matters more to him that his boy. But this balance makes it clear that they need each other to grow. It's certainly an unusual relationship.