Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interview with "Batgirl" and adding to my pull list

Another post that has nothing to do with time travel but I found it interesting. This woman was dressed as Batgirl (Steph) at SDCC as she asked questions at different DC Panels. It created something of a stir online. Lots of fans that weren't even there called her names, some call her a hero. This tells her point of view on what happened. 

Now I want to try out Demon Knights when I previously had no plans on picking it up. When a writer actually makes an effort like that I think the book deserves a chance. Maybe Batwoman too, because I just got a trade during Boarders going out of business sale and loved it. Never thought a superhero with an army backround would fascinate me so much. It brought a level of realism you don't see too often in comics. 

I usually don't have a big list like some at my new LCS do (seriously you'd think their getting tpbs with the thickness of their piles) usually around three not including mini series. If I try out Teen Titans this will be seven, the most ongoing titles I've gotten since my Marvel days when I got most of the Spider and X books. I liked Scott Lobdell (Red Hood and TT writer) when he was over at Marvel and have loved what he's said about his books. I mostly get books that have the characters I love, it doesn't hurt if I like the creative teams but class goes a long way too.


  1. It was a good article, and I certainly felt for her. Didio really was being a bit of a jerk. DC really does seem to be creating a comic book treehouse, No Girlz Allowed sort of atmosphere, which is a shame.

  2. She stood her ground in a hostile environment, I can't help but admire that. I'm not sure I could keep my cool much less keep trying with everyone yelling at me. I thought Didio wanted to sell comics, you can't do that by driving away potential buyers.