Thursday, July 14, 2011

New DC Solicits

Blue Beetle #2: I thought they were keeping the old Jaime stories. Like a lot of relaunched book summaries this sounds like their starting it all over again. Don't like the cover because that body looks too bulky to be Jaime. 

Captain Atom #2: I'm back onto the fence on whether I'm going to try this for an arc or so. I don't like the new look and the interview on this book left me unsure if I'll like the take.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #2: Confirmation on the groups' looks as Roys' sporting two arms again and for some reason is keeping the baseball hat. Better than the dead cat. Kory is wearing less than normal. I can shrug at the underwear thing (as long as it's not a thong in the back) but I'm tired of the Emma Frost "top." Give her a tube top at least and ditch the shoulder pads because they just look off. Jason IS wearing a bat on his chest which raises questions since I can't imagine Bruce approving. I think it's simply because DC wants people to know he's connected to Batman but I'm curious to see his reasoning in story. Hopefully the "face" on his helmet will be gone. Aren't most of his teachers dead? And finally, why does it look like Jason had more support when he was wearing the green panties than here? Because, uh, that outline around his area shouldn't be seen.

Justice League International #2: Still don't like Boosters' costume and now we can see most of it is blue. On the bright side Boosters' still the focus of the covers AND it's confirmed that he's the leader of JLI. This makes me feel a little better about his series ending but that still sucks. Aw, Bats and Guy are piled together. I miss their bickering.


  1. On the one hand, I'm delighted that Blue Beetle is coming back. On the other hand, how can they possibly improve on those John Rogers issues? And yes, Jaime is WAAAAAY too buff there...he's a teenaged boy. Let him look like it.

    Booster's new outfit doesn't excite me either. But it is nice to have him stepping up and apparently taking charge. And always nice to see Guy and Bats. I am really looking forward to this book.

  2. Last time I looked at Jaime outside the suit I didn't see any muscles so this is REALLY weird to me.

    I think the costume killed a lot of my excitement last month. This cover brought it back. It really is, especially with Batman on the team. I think there's a Bat/Guy team up coming up in EW.

  3. Yes. Yes there is. I am SO looking forward to it. And since it is going to be in Guy's book...not a Bat book, I'm hoping that there will be a "one punch" moment as well.

  4. I just love seeing them snark back and forth. I think Bruce enjoys it too. Mr. Miracle thought about how Batman acts just as childishly and seems to like their fights. That's an interesting dynamic to bring to Batman, but then again JLI usually made him seem more--can't think of the word for it. Not relaxed but it was like he had more fun than he usually allows himself.