Friday, July 22, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Jaime Reyes

#8 Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle 3  

At present Jaime and Booster have an ill defined relationship. Generally their on friendly terms but Jaime has expressed some frustration with Booster dragging him into heroics (only in projects Giffin has written thus far.) 

Why he's important to Booster: The most obvious reason is that Jaime is Teds' legacy and he wants to see it live on and thrive. I think it's obvious that Booster sees Jaime as his own person rather than trying to relive his friendship with Ted. Like his leadership potential I think Jaime shows another strength that he really hasn't fully tapped yet: mentorship. No, he's not quite there yet and Jaime never had one in the strictest sense. Still, Booster seems to be something of a big brother around Jaime. He knows more, can joke around and still mess up a little in a way mentors aren't really allowed. While Jaime can further learn how to be a hero I think Boosters' learning how to be a role model.

Suggested Reading: Booster Gold # 26-27 Vol. 2 First multi-parter I've suggested. While the first part doesn't have them interacting it is interesting to note how Jaime feels about Booster. He's fine with sharing notes on Black Beetle with Skeets and shows some loyalty and protectiveness for BG. Even though facing an undead Ted Kord is unsettling Jaime does so regardless of himself just because he knows Boosters' going to have a harder time with it. Part two has Jaime showing he's one of the more mature teens in comics. He's continues to urge Booster to fight back against Ted, tries to cool things when BG is yelling at Rip and asks to go along so Booster won't go alone. He's the moral support during a very hard time and I think he does a better time in helping Booster deal with it than all of the adult heroes did (including Wonder Woman) during the flashback.

In turn Booster is honest in a way he can't be to the rest of the world, with his secrets and his emotions. He let's Jaime see it all without a hint of regret and is able to get some closure enough to find the right words. While what he says to say goodbye to Ted is simple I think his words to Jaime are better. Boosters' obviously proud that the Blue Beetle legacy is in good hands and encourages Jaime to be himself which is really fitting coming from Booster, a character that shines best when he stops pretending.


  1. I rather like Booster and Jaime together. I also like that Booster has the sense to see that Jaime may be Ted's successor, but he's NOT Ted, he's his own person, and at least Booster isn't trying to mould him into something that he's not.

    And frankly, I love the fact that Milagro has a crush on Guy.

  2. I like that too and they could be actual friends if they interacted more.

    Ditto. She should have been the new earth lantern. :P