Wednesday, July 6, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Superman

#23 Superman

Ever since he was a kid Booster was a huge fan of big blue but Superman didn't return the sentiment. During the early years these two weren't on the best of terms. Superman thought that Booster was in heroics for the wrong reasons. His attitude with him rubbed Booster the wrong way as it came off extremely pompous to him. They had a somewhat tense relationship that mellowed once Superman came to realize Booster had a sincere desire to help people. Since then Superman seems to understand that there's more to Booster than the headlines but still misses a lot of the whole picture even when it's right in front of his eyes.

Why he's important to Booster: Superman was going to play a bigger role in Boosters' origins as the museum he worked at was supposed to be dedicated solely to Supermans' history. Nevertheless his respect for the man of steel has inspired him. It seems that he used his idea of what Superman was about to base his Supernova persona on when he protected Metropolis. Superman represents the seemingly impossible standard Booster doesn't think he can reach but manages to achieve when he really pushes himself. 

Suggested Reading: Superman #124 Vol. 2 There are some great issues between these two involving them bickering, or having good insight on each other but this one is something special. In this issue Superman finally admits that he knows that Booster is a hero and that it's not all about fame and money. It's one of the few issues where it's obvious their somewhat fond of each other although neither really outright says it. I do sorta wish Superman was in the know or at least had an inkling to Boosters' full potential but nonetheless he serves a purpose in setting the bar Booster will always be measured by. Whether it's by others or himself.


  1. Booster so idealized Superman, and then he's gone and acted like a jerk so many has to be frustrating. I think that they have come to a slightly fragile understanding, which is good.

    But on the whole, I think that I actually like Batman being the one who actually knows about Booster...not Superman. Superman sometimes seems to have this whole black or white outlook on the world...and Booster definitely works in the gray areas.

  2. Yeah when they first met you could see how excited and nervous Booster was. Although he REALLY went the wrong way in arranging the meeting. You can see his disappointment and frustration when Superman calls him a fraud. I think Superman likes Booster, he just doesn't understand him.

    As do I. It's really kind of funny that Mr. Paranoid saw who Booster was and trusts him more than Superman. True, although I think Boosters' the only grey area character I know that doesn't kill. Maybe off-white character is more apt?