Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dan Didio answers some questions

Interview here

But here are the ones I was interested in:

Mathias Hensler Will Stephanie Brown be part of the new DCU?
Dan DiDio Mathias, yes.

Lou Cabanillas Where’s Stephanie Brown?
Dan DiDio Lou and mathias, Sorry, but we are keeping some secrets, and one of them involves Stephanie.

That's cool, I guess she'll be in Batgirl since Gail Simone said she was trying to get two characters. The other one being Cass.

Joshua Sprock Will Booster be apearing in OMAC?
Dan DiDio Joshua, No plans for Booster in OMAC but some of his other friends might be stopping by. 

While I may not be getting it I'd still like to have more Max/Booster interactions.

Jeff Dzurovcak Will Booster still work with Rip in the timestream post Flashpoint?
Dan DiDio Jeff, after Flashpoint, the Timestream is closed.

....Why do you hate Rip?!


  1. The time stream will be closed? Gah!

    Actually...I'm sure that Rip has lived through this sort of thing before, and sooner or later, things will go back to normal. They always do.

  2. I thought Jurgens had plans but then again this isn't the first time they ruined his plotlines.

    Yeah but it's still bothersome that it means Rip is benched because DC hasn't worked out their own timeline yet.