Friday, July 15, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: J'onn J'onzz

#15 J'onn J'onnz

Basically the opposite of Jon Carter. J'onn acted as the field leader to JLI and a sort of parental figure to most of the league. 

Why he's important to Booster: Although his role in Boosters' life isn't as well defined as some he's the authority figure that can't quite believe the kids are all grown up and able to make choice of their own. He's also expressed this with Ted as well. As a result J'onn seems to feel too guilty about his behavior to confront Booster, something he feels he should have done. What's ironic is that if J'onn was more involved in the two mens' lives then a lot of things could have been different. But despite knowing their heroes J'onns' own exasperation with them seems to have distanced them in the past. 

Still it's been said by past league members how fond J'onn is of the JLI. Like Batman he seems more prone to making jokes around it's members. And he's fast to react (in most cases) when it's members are in danger.

Suggested Reading: 52 #24 This issue has J'onn feeling guilty for his past actions and current lack of actions in regards to Blue and Gold. He feels bad for how he completely blew off and ignored Ted. But he knows that he should have gotten over those feelings to be supportive of Booster to prevent his "death." 


  1. J'onn really was the ersatz father figure in the old JLI. That's one of the reaons why I was so surprised that he was so unsupportive of Ted, when Ted went to him for help. He's sorry now of course, and feels guilty about it, but still...!

    But you know that Booster would forgive him. Man, I STILL wish that J'onn was going to be in the new JLI instead of over with the Stormwatch people.

  2. It's bothersome but Ted did clash with him in the past. He was rather upset that Ted talked to the tabloids about Tora after her death. I want to forgive J'onn, I partly do in regards to Ted, but I can't fully until he makes an attempt to be there for Booster.

    Yeah he would, Booster might be hurt for awhile but as we saw with Bruce he's not the type to hold onto a grudge. Ditto, he belongs with JLI.