Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Booster Gold #46, World of Flashpoint #2 and B/R #25

Spoilers be here

World of Flashpoint #2:

I got number one when it came out but really had nothing to say about it. I considered dropping it before I heard about the cameos in this issue. Really that's the main part of this issue, Traci searching for help and getting none until someone clues her in for the real reason she's visiting them. To learn a lesson. Some have depressing stories like Changeling (not Beast Boy apparently), except for being into Buddhism Guy seems about the same. Still has a bar, won't stand for anyone fighting in it and ready to help out a kid in need. But sheesh, I know the "tattoo" threw you off but she's still 16. Don't mimic Hal. I enjoyed reading the Circe section where she gives a harsh truth about people only caring about what affects them personally. 

The most surprising reveal was the last encounter with a priest in a Gotham church. I am more than a little annoyed with fandom for only seeing this as a kink instead of talking about what such a change would say about Jason Todds' character. Honestly, think about what it's saying that in a world where Bruce Wayne doesn't exist he turns away from anger to embrace god. He's not the bad seed everyone labels him that will always take a dark turn. He's a better person and that in it's self makes his relationship with Bruce in the normal DCU all the more tragic. But I really wish DC would remember how old Jason is supposed to be. He's two years older than Tim, currently 19. There's no way a 19 year old should be a priest. 

Batman and Robin #25:

This was very rushed, I mean we never actually find out who the female villain was or why she wanted Jason. Besides making him strip. And is Jason the fastest stripper and dresser ever or what? I'm a Jason fan but yeah this arc was more than a little weak. Winick always has Dick acting like he doesn't care about him, and Jason has come off as a little less hostile towards Dick in the past. That's why a lot of his meetings with his brothers don't work like UTH did. There needs to be an emotional connection between the characters. If Dick and Damian don't care about him in some manner then I don't find it nearly as compelling. Tim used to be his fanboy but you'd never know it outside the Geoff Johns TT issue. 

Sasha shouldn't have the mask on since she ditched it. I'm a little split on how it ended as I don't believe Jason would risk innocent lives when he stated his purpose was to kill off the Jokers of the world to save those he'd endangered. I don't have a problem with him getting away since Bruce stated that Jason likely already had everything planned out since he was stuck in jail so long. But this of course brings up another important point: why didn't Bruce keep an eye on him instead? He outright stated his belief that Dick/Damian would likely be too slow to stop whatever he had planned. Was he just trying to make it easier on himself? Likely but even so it's a crappy thing to do to all three of the boys. I heard Winick said he wanted to take time off from doing JLI, Red Hood books and I think this is why. I'm ready for a new take on Jason in the reboot.

Booster Gold #46:

I really wish Jurgens stayed on the art because it just doesn't flow right with a different artist. Hopefully he can do all of the next issue. I like that Alex borrows/copies powers and think she might do the same with Doomsday. I get what Booster was trying to do with attacking first but that was still as risky move. Pretty sure he's used his forcefield for things outside protecting himself before this. He's protected people from harm with it while he was a good distance away. He's burned a virus away while containing it too.  And I don't care what the letter section says, JLI may be great but it's not the same as having a solo. There should be more Booster not less. :(

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