Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking Booster out of Jaimes' origin?

I can see why a writer would want to get rid of IC and one year later but it saddens me to think Boosters' role might not carry on in the relaunch. The writers once said that the only way having a new Blue Beetle would work was if Booster introduced him. I'd hate to see that go.

Here's a picture of happier times as Booster saves Jaime by jumping through time (which no one ever questions) and his friends are pleased to see him alive. Seriously, after the way Booster gets kicked around my heart melts when he's shown affection. Even if it gets Guy miffed (he's handling it much better than he would in the old days.)


  1. The Blue Beetle book by Giffen and Rogers, and later by Rogers alone, stands as one of my all-time favorite books. I am glad that they are bringing back Jaime, and he's got a new book, but man, if they are going to be trying to go back to square one,and start all over...I will be be seriously miffed. Why mess with perfecttion? Why not just start where the first book left off?

    And by all means, keep Booster for heaven's sake. And Guy. And Milagro.

  2. In the preview art he seems to be back to the "growing pains" as the scarab changes forms. The writer said he was a fan of the past run so maybe it's a trimmed origin? Either way I like Gold being part of the Blue 3 origin.