Monday, July 11, 2011

25 Days of Supporting Characters: Mr. Mind

#19 Mr. Mind

While Mind is another of the long list of villains from another hero's rogues gallery (Captain Marvel) he's the first one to really up the scale. When he's around Booster you know some serious trouble is headed his way. Because of him the fate of 52 universes rested on Boosters' abilities in a moment that Rip Hunter admits was the first step towards the "glory days" of Booster Gold.

Why he's important to Booster: Defeating Mr. Mind was a big upgrade on Boosters' hero status whether the general populace knew it or not. Mind himself directly blamed Booster for robbing him of his evolved form even though he was also stopped with the combine efforts of Daniel Carter, Skeets and Rip Hunter. In fact Rip was the one being hyped as his ultimate foe until Booster revealed himself. Perhaps it was the knowledge that he spent weeks with Booster and never realized he was being played that set Mind off. 

He made it personal when he returned by trying to command an elite force to take Booster down and get him to quit. Going as far as forcing Booster to fight his own father and trying to make him chose between his best friends' death and the destruction of the universe. It's indeed a rare time where Mind seems to be unsure of someone. Mocking Boosters' intellect but knowing there's a good chance he's being played by Boosters' dumb facade. For the first time a major villain that almost destroyed all of creation takes Booster seriously.

Suggested Reading: Booster Gold #10 Vol. 2 While there are good issues in 52 this issue really brings home how personal Mr. Mind is making this. Although it's been suggested that he discovered that he can't kill Booster (never explained why) he's going to make him suffer every step of the way to get him to give up. Whether it's using loved ones, using the Supernova suit to beat him down or words Mind uses everything he can to break Boosters' spirit in a way that few have. He may not live to see it (technically since his spawn have his memories) he comes very close to succeeding.


  1. This was one of the reasons that I loved 52. The villain turns out to be a cute little worm with glasses! Who, as it turns out, mutates into a hideous monster bent on destroying reality, and Booster Gold of all people saves the world, with a forward pass.

    It...was magnificent.

    Now that's one heck of a villain to have!

  2. I also loved how Rip later explains it as the literal workings of the butterfly effect and Boosters' like, "say what?! How does THAT work?!" It was a lot of fun to read about him. And I was smiling ear to ear when he revealed himself in the BG series.

    Mind has always been an underestimated foe, just like Booster. :D